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Sales App

  • Friendly interface to generate documents in real time.
  • Documentation: quotations, orders, delivery notes, return card, invoice.
  • Multiple item display options.
  • Image Catalog: The application allows viewing images linked to items
    with direct access to create documentation.
  • Detailed online inventory.
  • Customer specific pricelists.
  • Price history.
  • Additional options:
    • Print in office.
    • Print in field.
    • Send email.


  • Customer List
    • Customer List.
    • User friendly search engine.
    • Adding and editing options.
    • Access customer attachments.
    • Detailed information about each customer.
    • General information, address, photo.
    • Payment Terms with notification message.
    • Attached files.
    • Contact List.
    • Linked phone dialer.
    • Linked email to Gmail.
    • Linked addresses to Waze.


  • User friendly search engine.
  • Adding and editing options.
  • Group division.
  • Access customer attachments.
  • Access to item attachments.
  • Prices according to selected price list.
  • Detailed information about each item.
    • Accurate inventory.
    • Attach images.

Sales Opportunities

  • View a list of sales opportunities.
  • View, add and update selling opportunity.
  • Access attachments to sale opportunity.
  • Detailed information on all sales opportunity.
    • View steps of sales opportunity.
    • Adding a stage to an existing opportunity.


  • Customer card.
  • Copies of documents.
  • Copies of receipts.
  • Salespersons’ reports.
  • Sales reports by item.
  • On-demand reports.


  • Producing receipts.
  • Closing documents.
  • Various forms of payment: cash, check, credit card, bank transfer.

Places of interest

  • Search Radius settings.
  • Finding customers within selected radius.
  • Identifying sales opportunities within selected radius.

Activities Calendar

  • User-friendly interface activities display.
  • Agent assignment calendar.
  • Add, set and delete tasks.
  • Task alarm notification.

Service calls

  • See all service calls.
  • View and add service call.
  • Option to link tasks to service call.

Time clock

  • Entry and exit reporting of with geographical location.
  • With SAP version 9.2, the ability to interface directly with SAP.


  • Fast and efficient mechanism to synchronize changes with the click of a button.

Saved Document

  • A mechanism for locally storing common documents for quick opening


  • Themes.
  • Multi-language.
  • Various display settings.
  • Alert Settings (emailing background, account balance alerts etc.).
  • Agent settings (selection, password, etc.).
  • Rich array of configuration permissions for agents.


  • Help link for each application module.