Sales module

  • Friendly interface for producing real-time sales documents
  • Sales-A/R: Quotation, Orders, delivery Notes, Return, A/R Invoice
  • Pricelist associated with customer
  • Display historical prices
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  • When logging in to the app, you reach the dashboard
  • You can select a graph from an existing list.
  • Agent Sales Graph, Agents.
  • Income Comparison Graph Between Years or Months
  • Scaling agents with goals.
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    Sales Opportunities module

  • View list of sales opportunities
  • View, add and update sales opportunity
  • Access sales opportunity attachments
  • Detailed information on each sale opportunity
  • Sales Opportunity Stage Display
  • Adding a step to an existing opportunity
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    Payment module

  • Producing receipts
  • Closing documents
  • Various payment methods: cash, check, Credit card, bank transfer.
  • Credit card clearing
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    WMS Module

  • Stock (Inventory) Counting
  • Pick list
  • Stock (Inventory) Transfer
  • Stock Balance Report
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    Supply chain Module

  • POD Confirmation
  • POD
  • Signing a document and saving it in SAP
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    Service Module

  • Calendar interface to view activities
  • Arranging a working day for an agent
  • Add, edit, and delete activity
  • View all service calls
  • Customer equipment card
  • You can edit and add a service call
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  • card index
  • Documents copy
  • Receipts copy
  • Salesmen report
  • Sales report by item
  • On-demand reports